Top Tips For Choosing Hosiery

Stockings, socks, and tights, oh my! Since there is so much to choose from, finding the right hosiery can be tough. Hosiery is an easy and inexpensive way to update your outfit by incorporating different trends. Truthfully, they are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. Everything comes in a huge variety of colors, types, styles and shades, so don’t let choosing the right hosiery become too overwhelming. We have the perfect tips for every fashion; from business wear to day or evening events, and everything in between, we are hosiery experts!

Color And Style:

With the right color and type of pantyhose you can easily flatter the shape of your leg. As a general rule, darker colors will make your legs look slimmer (think the same effect of an essential little black dress). If you want to elongate your legs, choose a shade that matches your heels. This is perfect for girls who are short like me. I’ve also found that stockings with a line down the back of your leg make for a slimming and longer leg!

Choose hosiery that is right for your body type. I personally go up a size than I normally wear so that I feel more comfortable and it’s also easier to get into with a smaller risk of runs. Hosiery with loud patterns and/or bright colors cause the leg to look larger. This is why they are best for women with short bodies (average to tall height) and have long legs. So, be careful and mindful when choosing this type of garment because it can bring negative attention to the lower half of your body.

The Finish:

Opaque or a matte finish is subtle and suitable for any occasion. They have no shine whatsoever. They flatter your body and don’t draw too much attention to your legs because they make your legs appear flat.

Slight sheen has only a little bit of shine to them and aren’t so flat like matte finishes. A pair of slight sheen will give a softer outline to your legs. This finish of hosiery is definitely suitable for every day wear and spices up an evening outfit.

Then there is shiny hosiery, which is pretty self explanatory. There is an obvious shine to them and catches the light so it makes your legs appear to be shiny while also drawing more attention to them and defines the shape of your legs. They are smooth and silky on your legs and glide right on. This type of finish is perfect for special occasions, such as weddings or formal events, but can also be worn everyday if that is your preference. But don’t confuse these for a bare leg look!


If you have calves on the bigger side, be sure to choose solid neutral colors or darker shades with a higher denier for a slimming effect. This word is used to describe the thickness of hosiery. Think opaque is very dark and almost looks like a pair of leggings, and sheer is see-through where you can see your leg color underneath.

If you have blemishes on your legs or veins that you want to cover up, choose hosiery with a higher denier so that it will not be visible if you choose to wear a skirt or shorter pair of pants with your ankles/calves showing. If you are young or just have mature skin, choose 21 denier to add shine and gloss. It’ll cause your legs to appear less dull and way more vibrant.

In the winter, avoid wearing summer tights, which are light in denier. Tights complete an outfit and pull it all together. So rather than doing the opposite, choose the right denier for your specific outfit, body shape and height while keeping the season and weather in mind.

I personally love a pair of sheer stockings over opaque. They can complete any outfit, especially a mini skirt or pair of shorts with a crop top and closed toe booties! I don’t know what I would wear in the winter if I didn’t have my stockings and thigh high socks. They can spice up an outfit, or just keep you warm by wearing tights underneath your jeans or dressy work pants. With these tips, you will never pick the wrong hosiery again!