How To Have The Best New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is probably the most fun night of the year. You get to dress up, get together with friends and you have something great to look forward to at the end of the night: a new year. Which also means new beginnings. Get your New Year’s resolutions ready and raise your glass to having the best New Year’s Eve ever!

Travel If Possible:

Ringing in the new year can be a whole lot better if you do it in a beautiful and fun location other than your hometown or local bar. It’s always a celebration in Las Vegas, and this night will be even better than normal. Enjoy dancing (and a whole lot of drinking) in the streets with thousands of other partiers. Take your pick: the free-for-all, nightclub-strewn Strip or the Fremont Street Experience with three stages and 9 hours of live bands. Listen to the crowds roar at midnight when fireworks erupt from casino roofs around the city.

If you’re not a huge partier, try New York City. It’s a beautiful sight to see the ball drop at midnight and you’ll never see anything else like it. Times Square is a given for those who want to go the classic route. But if you want to make the night more festive, purchase a Times Square Party Pass and you’ll be going to all of the city’s top bars and clubs.

How about the City of Angels? Hollywood’s exclusive club scene and rowdy pub crawls will make for one amazing night. After midnight, head to Pasadena to watch floats being assembled for the legendary New Year’s Day Tournament of Roses Parade.

While nothing is wrong with staying in or keeping it close to home, traveling to a new city and enjoying all this world has to offer will make for a night you’ll never forget.

New Year’s Eve Kiss:

Even if you don’t have a date you gotta have a kiss when the clock strikes 12! It’s probably the one time that you can get away with smooching a close friend or even a random with no questions asked and no explanation needed. Start the night (after popping a bottle of bubbly of course) by having your eye on a certain guy. Then chat with him a half hour or so before midnight. Go grab yourself another drink or see what your girlfriends are up to and then go back to your man during the countdown. You’ll both have no choice but to get that kiss in. It’s necessary!

Come Up With a Plan:

You want to make sure you hit all the top bars and clubs so you and your girlfriends will need to come up with a plan on where you’re going throughout the night. Party hopping is the best way to check out several different scenes (and men) so be sure to have as many places on the to-do list as possible.

Uber will also be your best friend. It’s always smart to have a taxi’s number in your phone in case you get split up from your friends or you’re just ready to go home.

Break In Those New Shoes:

I’m all for buying a brand new outfit and heels for this occasion. But you know you’re going to be standing for the majority of the time this night, so make sure you’re shoes are broken in! There’s nothing worse than swollen, blistered feet. If you wear that new pair of shoes without wearing them a few times around before the party, you’ll be regretting it because it’ll turn your perfect night into a nightmare. Also, wearing shoes pads can definitely help ease the pain.

And while on the subject, buy a new outfit for yourself! Velvet is super in this year so go and grab an emerald velvet dress or a pair of purple velvet high waisted shorts to go with a crop top. Sparkles are also always a go-to and must have for the new year! The more glitter, the better.

New Year’s Eve is definitely hyped up a lot, but I definitely think it can be a great night if you make it. Go into the night with a positive outlook and be ready to have a fun time with friends! If you’re staying in with your S.O. be sure to wear something sexy that’ll really make him say wow. Or if you’re laying low, make sure to watch the ball drop on TV.

You can really make this night however you want it to be! Have fun and remember to be safe!