Foreplay: Setting the Mood the Right Way

Foreplay is probably the most important part of a healthy sexual relationship. Without foreplay, the mood is never really set and makes the whole experience less enjoyable.

Foreplay develops and builds on your emotional connections with your partner. Foreplay is more personal than sex; it allows you to learn about your partner’s body and their wants, needs, and desires.

Explore with your partner during foreplay and learn what makes them tick. Figure out what works for you as partners to get in the mood.

You should use all of your senses during foreplay: sight, smell, sound, taste and the most important, touch.

Sight: Foreplay Sets the Scene, Sets the Mood

Setting the scene is more than lighting a few candles and turning on some music. Dress up for your partner. There is no greater feeling than a partner looking at you like you are the only thing in their world that matters.

Ladies, a little lingerie goes a long way in the bedroom. Wear a sexy set that will make him swoon. Or try a simple pair of stockings and garterbelt to do the trick. You can wear any lingerie you want, just make sure you are comfortable and YOU feel sexy.

Men, does she love a certain look on you? Is she into the rugged outdoor look, the sexy handyman, strong construction worker? Dress up for her. Wear a work-shirt and your tool belt in the room. You might feel silly but she will appreciate the effort… She did dress up for you after all 😉

Don’t forget the candles and music though! The room should be dressed up too.

Sound: Foreplay with Music and Your Voices

Some mellow mood music is always a must in the bedroom, but not too loud, you want to be able to hear your partner’s feedback. Telling each other what you like or don’t like is important to foreplay. If something makes you uncomfortable, tell your partner. You want to be in the mood for sex and comfort is a huge part of that.

Also, listen for the subtle non-verbal cues like little moans of pleasure or grunts of discomfort. Use these signs to figure out what she likes and doesn’t like.

Smell: Its More Important to Foreplay Than You Think

Smell is often overlooked in the bedroom but it’s vital. Our pheromones are a subtle scent that’s individual to you and they’re what attracts a mate.

A lightly scented candle will help set the mood as well. Choose a light floral or musk scent, depending on your personal preference. Just make sure it isn’t overpowering.

If you are sweaty or smelly from dinner, a quick shower wouldn’t hurt. If you use perfume or body spray just use a light spritz. Again, you don’t want to overpower the room but you do want to be fresh and clean. Perhaps take a shower or bubble bath together! Nothing says intimate like getting all sudsy with your partner then jumping into bed together.

Taste: An Overlooked Sense in Foreplay

You are going to be kissing your partner right? Brush your teeth, swish some mouthwash around or chew some gum, but take care of any funky breath problems first. Especially if you just ate.

Other taste sensations you might want to try in the bedroom are flavored lubricants and massage oils. These are always a fun choice to get you and your partner in the mood and will spice things up from your everyday sex routine.

Sensual foods in the bedroom have always been on the menu. Try some whipped cream for a sexy edible strip tease, or use fruits like grapes or strawberries to entice your partner.

Touch: The Penultimate Requirement in Foreplay

If you’re doing foreplay right, you’re touching your partner with soft gentle caresses or a nice massage, or in some cases depending on preferences, some spanking. No matter what you prefer, there will be some sort of touching.

Sensual massages get your partner in the mood, especially with some sensual massage oils and a gentle soothing massage. Start on the back and let your hands roam from there.

If you’re into something a little bit rougher- a paddle, a flogger or a tickler might be right up your alley.

No matter what you choose to use during foreplay, remember to focus on your partner. Only do things you’re comfortable trying.

Foreplay will always be important in your relationship so finding things you both like can be a fun experience that you’ll be enjoying for years to come.