Look Hot This Holiday Season

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t look hot! It’s the most festive time of year and you gotta look the part. The holiday season to me also means lots and lots of pictures. Everyone thinks they’re a photographer: your best friend who needs to document her whole night or maybe your crazy aunt who posts way too many pictures to Facebook everyday. Photos are impossible to avoid, so you want to make sure you’re looking your best. From changing up your hairstyle to adding some extra glam to your makeup or accessorizing with a cute chunky necklace, it’s super easy to survive the holidays in style!

Add Some Color:

Switch it up a bit from your everyday eyeshadow and add a bright metallic or some glitter. This also goes for eyeliner: use a new color than your usual neutral. Don’t forget to wear a color that highlights your skin tone- read all about it in our Fall Fashion blog. This will spice up any look you’re going for and make you look incredible for the holidays!

Show Those Shoulders:

I know, I know it’s getting pretty cold out. But, your shoulders are one part that will always look good and you can’t go wrong if you show a little skin. Your shoulders are showing just the right amount of skin without looking like you’re trying too hard. Also, pair an off the shoulder shirt with a long coat to hang over your shoulders- it’s totally in right now. Slim-fitting cropped pants are all over the place this year. They accentuate your legs perfectly and a little bit of skin near the calves/ankles is never a bad idea. These styles will guarantee you being the most fabulous looking gal at any given event.

Layer, Layer, Layer:

A bare wrist is never the answer. On the other hand, gold is. Stack your wrist with thin gold bangles, or with a chunky watch or cusp. This will transform your outfit from basic to WOW. I’m a huge fan of Alex And Ani bracelets for layering right now. Anything that can go right up on your arm=an amazing look for the holidays.

Accentuate Those Curves:

Look and feel hot this season by showing off whatcha got. Wear a sexy bodycon stress or waist-cinching belt to create the illusion of a curvier body. Also, don’t be afraid to head to the tailor. If you’re like me, you have too many clothes to count. You want to make sure your clothes are hugging your curves! A boxy top is cute every so often, but you want your tops to not hang off so that they look way more flattering. Colorblocking is amazing and a style that’s always in. This is when you take bold opposites on the color wheel and put them together onto one piece. This style will always guarantee a curvier appearance.

As said earlier, show off a little bit of skin! Not only your shoulders and ankles, but a little bit of a lower neckline can go a long way. Try a deep V-neck to draw attention up towards your face. Wear a long midi skirt (a skirt that goes right past your knees). This hugs your legs and leaves no choice but to show off those curves- and they make you look fantastic! This type of skirt is all the rage right now and I know I personally could not get by without my own!

Spritz It Up:

Perfume is an essential part of your outfit. I could never ever leave the house without spritzing a little on myself first. To add a little extra sexiness, don’t forget to spray your hair with your favorite fragrance. When someone comes in for a hug or kiss, they’ll get a whiff of your sexy scent. There’s nothing better than someone who smells great!

Lace It Up:

Lace is always going to be in style and always going to make you look your sexiest. From lace on your shoes, to clothes, to your undies (or whatever else you wear underneath), you will always be looking hot hot hot. Don’t forget to be thinking about New Year’s Eve! You will want to be looking hot that night and sexy tight dress, especially with lace, will definitely do the trick.

The holiday season makes it so easy to want to curl up in oversized clothes (and there’s nothing wrong with that)! But, it’s so easy to look sexy everyday, whether it’s at the office during the day or a night on the town with your boyf or girlfriends. Look hot this season!