Comfortable and Sexy Lingerie

I never know what to choose for lingerie. I want to be comfortable and attractive, but not look like I am trying too hard to be “sexy”. I like form-fitting rather than loose, flowing lingerie, but it needs to be stretchy and not too tight.

I also like some type of short sleeves to cover my flabby upper arms (unfortunately that is such a trouble area for me). It can be difficult to find lingerie with sleeves but it definitely can be done! Lacy T-shirt styles are nice- they cover you a little bit more but also show off your sexy figure with the see through lace. I think as we get older, our legs become one of our better assets, so let’s focus on accentuating those!

Many Colors To Choose From:

Look for colors that compliment your skin tone. Think emeralds and baby blues for lighter skin tones, metallics and grays for medium skin tones, and cobalt, light yellow and red for those of you with dark skin. With lace, the contrast in the lighter colors/darker skin tones and vice versa is what makes it work and look amazing every time!

When choosing your lingerie, you gotta work with what you have. So, also consider your hair and eye color. The colors you choose will either contrast or accentuate you in the best way possible! Are you blonde or brunette? Blondes= soft, light colors- think pastels. These will not drown out your hair color in any way. Plus, if you go too dark then you can draw attention away from your face, which will make you less sexy and no one should be aiming for that! Brunettes= stronger colors. Earth tones and vibrant neons will make you sizzle. Lingerie is about bringing your inner sexiness to the surface!

Accentuate Those Legs:

Here are a few ways to show off those legs!  You can wear short Babydolls, or Chemises. You could also wear booty shorts,or tap shorts. Keeping in mind that the weather outside is becoming cooler, leggings are a big go-to. They really show off the shape of the legs and they are the most comfy bottoms you can find! Another really good option is to wear a long gown with an “up-to-there” slit- that screams sexy but it’s also not super uncomfortable.

Wearing Lingerie All Day Long:

Buying lingerie for everyday wear can seem hard, but it can be a lot more simple if you keep these three things in mind: comfort, easy to care for, and seamless. Comfort definitely matters because if you’re wearing lingerie all day underneath your office attire or casual clothes, you don’t want to know that it’s there and be bothered by it. Casual lingerie makes it okay to wear something that is a little less fashionable and a lot more comfy.

I like all of my lingerie to be easy to care for. I just like to throw it in my lingerie bag and put it on the delicate cycle/cold wash, then hang dry them overnight. It’s easy as 1,2,3! Also, seamless lingerie is my kinda thing because you NEVER want visible panty lines. Unless your lingerie is meant to be seen, there is no reason for it to not be invisible.

Who Doesn’t Love Some Cleavage:

Of course, cleavage is always a favorite with everyone. Sometimes we just need the right bra. It’s okay to wear a bra underneath your other lingerie, if you need some extra support.When focusing on comfort, try finding a bra that doesn’t have an underwire. For instance, bralettes are all the rage right now. I swear I own at least 5 in all sorts of colors! These are bras that are wireless but they still give you the support you need (for ladies like me who are B cups). They aren’t necessarily for everyday wear, but they are a great choice when wanting to focus on comfort and sexiness at the same time!

There are bandeaus, which I am also guilty of owning an excessive amount. They are perfect to throw on for a day when you just do not feel like putting a bra on. This is a strapless, wireless, and usually stretchy bra that can fit right over your head. This type of bra is a pleasant solution for when a strapless bra is necessary but you don’t want to feel uneasy all day.

Have fun trying on several options to find what works for you! Lingerie is meant to accentuate you and show off your assets, but who says you can’t be comfortable when doing so?