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Introducing Adult Toys In Your Bedroom

Attention EVERYONE: Do not fear, adult toys are not a replacement in the bedroom, they are an ENHANCER. Now that the fear has been erased, lets talk about this.

Using adult toys has always been seen as taboo, but recently there has been a dramatic upswing in news of celebrity exploits with toys and interest has been piqued.

The fact is people have been using toys as long as humans have been around. Phallic toys dating from 28,000 years ago have been found in recent archaeological digs.

Using toys is not a bad thing, nor is it a reflection of ones inabilities, toy use enhances pleasure and adventure for you and your partner.

Adult Toys On Your Own:

Every woman should know her body inside and out. You need to know what gives you pleasure and what doesn’t in order for your experiences in the bedroom to be more pleasurable.

Masturbation with or with out adult toys is normal and healthy. When you know what gives you the most pleasure you will never be left unsatisfied in the bedroom.

Ladies, if you have never had an orgasm, you are missing out. And if you have, you should still get an adult toy to use on yourself to exemplify that amazing feeling.

Most women have clitoral orgasms. Many adult toys are clitoral stimulators or involve clitoral stimulation in some way. Buying an adult toy can be slightly intimidating but there are sales people to help you choose which toy is best for you.

If you have never used an adult toy my number one suggestion would be a bullet or something similar. Once you have become an experienced adult toy user, there is a world of adult toys out there that will make every experience mind blowing.

Not every girl has vaginal orgasms or g-spot orgasms, but lucky f0r you there are adult toys that are designed with the right shape to help you find that spot.

Now that you know what gives you pleasure, use those adult toys to enhance a night of romance with your partner.

Adult Toys with A Partner:

Toys are not limited to vibrators, you can buy bondage kits, handcuffs, ticklers- the list goes on and on.

I like to recommend to my customers to start with something basic if your partner is uncomfortable and new to the idea. Usually a bullet or a basic vibrator are a good way to slowly ease him into it. If you go too extreme you may scare him off and never get to the point you would like to be at.

Once your partner is comfortable, add something new like a c-ring or a pair of handcuffs. As you slowly introduce new toys you can discover and learn what works for you and your partner and what doesn’t work.

When I met my husband, he had never used toys with a partner, and I had always used toys with my partners. It took a while and a lot of reassurances that I didn’t NEED it but I thought he would enjoy the experience before he finally caved and we bought a basic bullet.

It took a few tries but he really started to enjoy using it. After that we bought a We-Vibe (a hands free vibrator that stimulates both internally and externally) and a pair of handcuffs and once he was comfortable with those we added more and more.

While we continued to have a healthy sexual relationship, we did not rely on the toys to get us going but knew that they were there to make it a lot more fun when we wanted to use them.

Clean Up:

Always remember health and safety first! If you are in a new relationship and are using condoms during sex, remember to use condoms with the adult toys too.

Always check for cracks and damages before you use them. Cracks or tiny tears in the silicone will can hold bacteria and germs and can make you sick or give you an infection.

If you are using a silicone toy, use a water based lube. Silicone based lubes will reactive negatively with the silicone toy and will cause the silicone to begin to break down.

Don’t store your toys with the batteries in. The batteries can corrode and ruin a perfectly good adult toy. Adult Toys can also be inadvertently turned on and the motors can burn out.

Finally, ALWAYS wash them with a toy cleaner or warm soapy water before and after every use. This will help you avoid contracting an infection or other medical issues.