Fall Fashion Is Here!

Fall is finally here! Halloween was super fun getting to dress up but now we’re onto Thanksgiving. This not only means spending time with family and loved ones, but also colder weather! Wondering what to put on your shopping list for this fall? Have no fear! We’ve searched through top fashion magazines (and my own fashionista might’ve come out a little bit) to find the chicest trends and colors to keep you looking fabulous in the chilly weather this year. From boots to bags to jackets, you’ll know exactly what to buy this fall!

Capes For Your Inner Superwoman

I don’t know about you but I am one of those people who is ALWAYS cold. I hate the feeling of not being able to get warm. Outerwear is crucial to anyone’s fall wardrobe, and for 2015 it seems that the spotlight is on capes and oversized coats. Capes are perfect because they are unique and stylish but also keep you warm. They are mysterious and alluring and a must have this November!

Bows, Bows and More Bows

Blouses and pants with bows have always been in my closet- they’re a classic. If you’re looking for a hint of femininity in your wardrobe you can easily dress up an outfit with a bow. A basic blouse can be transformed instantly. It adds a romantic and delicate touch to your neckline or slacks!

Now Trending: Booties

Ugh, what is better than a classic pair of booties? They are absolutely essential for this fall season and they are everywhere! Try navy to switch it up from the classic black bootie- navy is such a hot color this season and is absolutely a neutral you need in your collection. Fringe is also always a yes. While using it sparingly, a pop of fringe is not only perfect for fall but super in trend right now.

Patchwork Is Back

There are so many different textures, shades and fabrics to choose rom. Patchwork is making a comeback whether it be a fun pair of pants or a trendy cardigan. Get yourself a colorblocked dress to create a different and spunky look or chunky necklace to complete a plain outfit. Patchwork is the ultimate style mashup and is the most unexpected print for fall, but definitely needed in your closet ASAP.

Gray Is The New Black

I don’t think that I can love any color more than I love black, but gray is a close 2nd! This fall, gray is everywhere and is so versatile that I am loving it. It’s an easy color to pull off head to toe… think a gray pair of pants with a white blouse or a pair of black pants and black top with a gray blazer for the office. It’s impossible to find any tone that clashes with gray and it goes with everything in your closet, so make sure you shop for grays this year.

Fringe Facts

As mentioned earlier, fringe is so in this season. Fringe has been creeping onto handbags for a few years now, and 2015 seems to be the year that fringe is definitely back. Fringe gives a basic top a whole new effect. It can change up your whole look! It adds texture and and all around intriguing look to your outfit. Try out fringe this November for sure.

Violets, Purples and Flowers, Oh My!

Talk about staying in style! Violet and light shades of purple have been in since 2014 but even more so this year. Soften it up with a little bit of purple in your wardrobe instead of the more common dark hues of fall like maroon and Army green. Lavender is a key color this season.

Do You Have Room in Your Bag?

Oversized bags are all the rage this season. No more of those cross-bodies that don’t hold anything. It’s time for a huge over-the-shoulder bag that can fit all of your belongings when you’re out and about running errands or to work. For the nighttime, clutches are super easy and convenient- and totally in style! These handbags are must haves for fall 2015.

If you’re anything like me, you love when it finally starts cooling down and you LOVE shopping! (I will use any excuse to go to the mall). Hopefully this helps you in finding your fall fashion essentials. Happy shopping and happy fall! 🙂