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Halloween Costumes and Rules to Live By!

It is already October! Can you believe it?!? We all know what October means, pumpkin spice everything and of course, Halloween costumes and Halloween parties!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here. In addition to dressing up ourselves, we get to help customers find the perfect Halloween costume for the best parties.

A few questions you need to ask yourself when picking a Halloween costume are: Am I going to a party or out on the town with friends? Is this a theme party? Is there a possibility that there will be children at this party? How comfortable are you going to be in your costume?

The Perfect Halloween Costume:

If you are going to a theme party or bar or even doing a theme night with your friends, make sure you have a clear idea of what the theme is. You don’t want to pull a Bridget Jones and show up half naked to a party where everyone else is dressed up. Once you know your theme, you will want to pick something that is in the theme but won’t be a common costume choice in order to avoid wearing the same thing as someone else.

A theme costume doesn’t have to be a costume that fits perfectly into the theme, so try thinking outside of the box. If the theme is Alice in Wonderland, you know there are going to be a bunch of Alices, Red Queens, and Mad Hatters. So, pick the Dormouse or the Caterpillar, or go even more abstract and be a Card Soldier.

If your Halloween costume doesn’t need to be a themed costume, then pick whatever makes you happy and fits you well. If you are going to a bar or an adults only party, you may want to wear something that is sexy and a little bit more revealing. If you are going to a party where children will be present, dress in a more modest, less revealing outfit.

Halloween Costume Rules to Live By:

  1. You should always be comfortable in your Halloween costume. Don’t worry about what everyone else says or thinks. Do you.
  2.  Be clear on what the theme is. Follow the theme but, think outside the box.
  3.  If children are going to be present, keep your goodies put away and choose a costume that is modest and child friendly.
  4.  Your hair and makeup are a big part of your costume so don’t forget to do it up!
  5.  Halloween should be fun and carefree, remember this before choosing a costume that is too revealing and doesn’t allow you to sit without having to adjust your costume every 5 seconds.
  6.  You will have to pee, it’s inevitable. Before choosing an over-the-top, super elaborate costume, think about going to the restroom. Will you be able to go by yourself or will someone have to help you get undressed and redressed? And, are they willing to help all night long?
  7.  If you are drinking, have a responsible and sober designated driver!
  8.  Have Fun!

Hope these tips come in handy! Have a safe and Happy Halloween! Stop in and show us your awesome Halloween look or tag us on Facebook and Instagram!