How Often Should You Be Washing Your Bra?

Admit it, you don’t know how often you should be washing your delicates. Washing your bra is crucial and you’re probably not doing it as often as you should. Don’t worry- you’re not the only one!

When To Wash:

You should definitely be washing your bras at least once a week. Truthfully, maybe even more than that. The common rule is that the more often you sweat, the more you should be washing your bra. Dirt, oil, sweat, and bacteria build up in your bra so you need to make sure you’re washing your delicates as often as possible. Excessive sweating can result in a nagging “sour” smell, and you’ll have a super hard time trying to make that go away! So wash em’ every three to five wears depending on your activity level and the season, to make sure you’re always smelling fresh.

How You Should Wash Them:

If you have sensitive skin, use laundry detergent and other products that are dye and perfume free and hypoallergenic. Since our bodies are always in contact with our bras and fabrics, you want to make sure you aren’t irritating the skin. When washing your intimates, you actually don’t need that much detergent. When you use too much, it gets stored in your clothing, which can cause irritation.

It is also a smart idea to invest in a lingerie bag. These gifts from God help protect your bras and other intimates from wearing and tearing while in the washing machine. Definitely set your washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water. And don’t forget to wash your darks and lights separately – the same rules for your laundry apply for your lingerie!

You should also try to hand wash your bras as much as possible! I know that you’re all very busy and hand washing is more time-consuming than just throwing your delicates into the washer and dryer, but hand washing will significantly extend the life of your bras! Using a light shampoo and lukewarm water will do the trick.

DO NOT squeeze your bras dry after they’re done in the washing machine! All of your good work hand washing will go to waste if you try to get the water out of them. If you try to wring or squeeze your bras dry, you risk popping out the wire, which will deform the cup shape. Lay the bra flat to dry or hang it up until it dries completely!

What To Look Out For:

The type of bra you’re wearing has an effect on when to wash your bra. If it’s your sports bra, you need to wash that sweaty thing before the next time you wear it or else there will be a lot of  unwanted bacteria.

If you let all of the sweat, dirt, oil, sunscreen, yeast, fungi, and microbiota (aka thousands of microorganisms that live on your skin) buildup, it can get ugly. Nasty things can occur like more acne breakouts and even yeast infections. Also, if you have bigger boobs you’re even more at risk since there’s more skin-to-skin contact going on (sorry, ladies).

Try to not wear the same bra for more than 2 consecutive days. Bras need time to air out!

Washing your bras can seem like a hassle, but it is so so essential in making sure your bras last as long as possible and stay in good shape! Lastly, don’t forget to line up your bras in a drawer just like they do in the store. This will keep them aligned and in perfect shape just like when you bought them. Happy washing!