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Does Your Man Love Your Lingerie?

Looking good for your man is always important, and lingerie has to capability to keep him guessing and always wanting more. Whether you’re looking to build up your own confidence, keep the flames alive in the bedroom , or you just want to make an ordinary day special, lingerie can do just the trick!

Let’s just say YES:

Men love the fact that we wear lingerie. Not only does it get their attention, but it makes them want us instantly when they see us in it, and that’s definitely not a bad thing! It’s like we’re wrapped up in a present and we’re waiting for them to unwrap us to see what’s waiting underneath.

Wearing a sexy corset or any other undergarment tells your man “YES” and that is a word they all love to hear. Lingerie shows off your body and communicates to your man that you want him all at the same time! Lingerie is a strong and arousing yes, and our guys probably would like to see you slip into something more ‘comfortable’ more often!

For couples that aren’t as frequently getting down to business, lingerie eliminates the guessing and wondering, and will drive your man to want to make time for sex more often!

Men Love the Build-Up:

As women, we are so used to putting in that extra effort no matter what the occasion. We take longer to get ready when we know it’s date night or we take our time to look our best when we’re out on the prowl with the girls for the night. When we wear lingerie, it gives men a little hint that says we should take our time tonight and slow things down a little bit. We want to tell them to slowly unwrap the evening, without actually having to say so. Men love the build-up of not knowing when it’s going to happen, but going slow along the way definitely works in our favor.

Men Love Excitement:

Lingerie isn’t worn every single time in the bedroom, so when we do break it out, men instantly think WOW! There are some men out there who prefer half-naked instead of fully naked because it adds to the surprise and the sexiness. With the right corset or sexy lingerie set, we can add to setting the mood and making our men want us even more than they did before. That’s why I think it’s a good idea to only wear lingerie every so often, so that you can keep your man on his toes! When he’s least expecting it, surprise him with a WOW. It’s exciting and alluring!

But Most of All..

Go with what makes you feel most comfortable! Men love many things about lingerie, but they are all about the sexy red lace, sequins, bows, and cut-outs. If you don’t feel comfy and relaxed while wearing the lingerie that your man loves, then ditch that lingerie! Tell him the truth that you aren’t really feelin’ it and that you would rather stick with something more simple. Tell him next time to come along and help pick it out so that you can find something you both will love! Lingerie is important in the bedroom and your man is going to love seeing you in it, but you should own it and feel good doing so!