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Product Review: Empire Strapped Corset with Zipper Front

So, this was a fun product to test out! Just trying it on makes one feel super sexy as it cinches and trims…makes the girls pop! Here’s our review of this awesome corset!


Product: Empire Strapped Corset w/ Zipper Front

Price: $67.95

Product Summary:

If you’re looking for a classy, sexy and high quality corset, then this product is for you! This corset may look simple, but does WONDERS for the body. It pushes your boobs up to acquire great cleavage. On top of that, when you start to tighten the strings on the back the corset molds to your body, creating a sleek and desirable look.

This product comes in every color you need! Including white, black, red, orchid and purple. Appealing colors for any given situation.

Staff Opinion:

If you’re someone who likes showing off a little cleavage, then you must invest in this corset ASAP! This will give you a simple, yet sexy and flattering look. With sizes ranging from 32-38, you will never have to worry because it fits true to size! This product is also available in sizes 40-44 for a few dollars more!