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Product Review: Gentle And Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gels

Product Review

Gentle and Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gels:

By: Intimate Organics
Product #: Gentle 84602, Intense 84601
Price: $19.95

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Product Summary:

These clitoral stimulating gels enhance sensation of clitoral orgasms. They are a great product for women that perhaps are naturally less sensitive or simply for an extra boost!

These stimulating gels come in 1oz bottles and contain a blend of certified organic extracts such as Natural Japanese peppermint oil and L-Arginine. Natural Japanese peppermint oil gives a nice cooling sensation, and L-Arginine promotes blood flow which increases sensitivity.

These products do not contain menthol or any parabens and are actually completely vegan!
Start off your evening by applying the stimulating gel as part of the foreplay, during intercourse, and even with a toy!

It is recommended that you test a very small amount on your skin to start with to make sure there are no possible allergies. It is not recommended to use these products if you have skin related STD’s (herpes) or are pregnant.

Staff Opinion:

Doesn’t this product sound amazing and fun! I tried the Gentle stimulating formula and it was nice but I myself wanted something with a little more kick so next time I am going for the Intense.

I do have customers however, that say many of the stimulating gels they have tried feel like Icey/Hot and are far too powerful! These customers ask for a stimulant that is far gentler and not so, so strong.

I would highly recommend the gentle formula to these customers. The Gentle formula definitely adds something but is subtle because it has less peppermint oil in it.