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How to Get Rid of That Pesky Bra Bulge

Nothing ruins a tight dress or strapless shirt quite like bra bulge does. This is a problem area for most women and it’s so hard to target specific areas when working out. Luckily, we’ve got your back (literally!), our Lingerie Lovelies! Here are some ways to banish that back fat for good!

Causes of Back Fat:

First things first! What actually causes back fat? If you’re a little plump that’s fine, most of us love a little meat on our bones! Still, knowing what to work on when you’re working out will definitely help with eliminating that unwanted back fat. If you’re anything like me, working out sometimes feels like a hassle. I also am always so, so busy and can’t seem to find time to workout even though my back fat drives me insane! There are some much easier ways to get rid of your bra bulge if you don’t have too much time to hit the gym.

  1. Wear your bra the right way: Sometimes your bra rides up and the straps adjust and become too tight, which will make it look like you have bra bulge when you really don’t! Also, keep pulling your bra band down throughout the day so that it doesn’t ride up and push the skin up. This causes back fat, but the good news is that a properly fitting bra can help you get rid of this problem!
  2. Wear a bra with the right band size: This is a common cause of back fat that can make it easily avoidable. Wearing a bra with a band size that is too small for you will cause your skin to be smushed together and will make that unwanted bra fat appear. A band size that fits correctly is key! Check our our blog about finding the perfect bra fit.
  3. Poor nutrition: Lack of exercise and a poor diet is definitely related to excess body fat and back fat specifically. You must always be conscious of what you are eating and drinking too. Try to avoid foods with a lot of calories, fats, sodium, added sugar, and carbs- aka avoid processed foods and too much fast food.

Work it Out:

I feel like the phrase back fat has become all the more common. I myself struggle from having this problem and just can’t seem to get rid of it completely. When you see that the backside of your shirt isn’t lying flat on your skin, then it’s got to be back fat. Fortunately, there are so many exercises that you can do that will help eliminate this problem from your life!

  1. Pull-ups: This workout will sculpt and tone your back muscles, and as an added bonus, your biceps! Do these with your palms faced out and grip the bar for the best effect. Try doing 2 sets of 10!
  2. Push-ups: This is a great exercise not only for your chest, but it helps you lose back fat too! Doing a couple sets of 10 per day will ensure that you work your back out the perfect amount. For an added burn, try holding a plank position for a few seconds, and work your way up to holding it for a few minutes.
  3. Bent-over row: You start with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent while keeping your back straight. Using a dumbbell in each hand (start out light with 2 pound or 5 pound weights) and bend over in a 90 degree angle from the waist and let your arms hang down to the floor, with your palms facing towards your legs. While squeezing your shoulder blades together, raise the dumbbell weights up to either side of your torso, kind of forming a T shape with your body. Hold for a few seconds, and then go back to the starting position.


So as you can see, there’s a lot of different factors that go into why you have unwanted back fat. Working out, eating healthy and drinking enough water will aid in getting your back looking slim and slender! Hopefully this was able to help you and you can finally banish that bra bulge for good!