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Pro Tips for Finding Your Perfect Bra Fit

Is your bra too tight or too big? Do you feel like you are spilling out on each side or in the front? Is it just straight up uncomfortable and at the end of each day you find that you can’t wait to get home, take it off and set the girls free?

Well we are here to help! Finding the perfect bra is easy to do when you know exactly what to look for!

Give Favorite Bras a Day Off

First off, don’t wear the same bra for multiple days in a row. I know we all have our fave lacey bra or padded bra that makes our boobs look perfect every day, but by rotating out your bras routinely, you will make them last longer.

Letting one bra rest for a few days in between each wear will keep the elastic strong. This way, you will be able to rock that favorite bra of yours for a few more months at a time!

Pro Tip: Washing your bras in cold water helps keep the elastic nice and fresh.

Save The Elastic, Save the Bra!

Also, remember not to hook your bra on the innermost hook first! As you wear your bra, it starts to stretch out. Starting on the loosest hook will allow room to stretch and you can always tighten it later!

So, start by buying a bra that fits snugly on the outermost set of hooks. You’ll have a few months to a year to use the second innermost hooks, and then finally the outermost hooks.

This will keep your bra alive for much longer than if you started hooking your bra on the last/furthest set of hooks! Once the bra is over a year old and the tightest hook no longer feels tight, it is most likely time to replace your bra to get back the support your boobs need!

Pro Tip: When buying a bra, buy it to fit the innermost set of hooks to avoid early bra replacement.

Get a Proper Bra Fitting

I would suggest coming into our oh-so fabulous Lingerie SuperStores location (or Victoria’s Secret if you don’t live in Phoenix!) for a free bra measure! This way you have a great idea of what size you are. Our sales associates know what they’re talkin’ about when it comes to bras and lingerie!

It can be just as easy to measure yourself from home. Grab a tape measure and find your band size by measuring above your bust-at your armpits, and then again for your bustline around the outside of your breasts just over your beloved tatas. To find your perfect cup size, you subtract the band measurement you found from your bust measurement.

Pro Tip: Odd number? Round down to the nearest even number. If the measurement falls on the half inch, round up!

Shape and Size DO Matter!

Knowing your boob shape is essential when finding the perfect fitting bra. If you are well rounded, you don’t want a very low-cut bra because you don’t want to be spilling out on all sides like spaghetti in a colander!

If you are like me and have more bottom heavy boobies, try a bra with a bit of a lift! This way your beloved girls that might be slightly smaller at the top have a little boost and voila! Cleavage appears!

Are your boobs more spread apart from each other? Have no fear! There are bras that have padding on both the bottom and on the sides, which allows for a little lift and tuck exactly where you need it!

In case you’ve been the gifted one of your family to receive the largest boobies in the neighborhood, we’ve written a post just for you! Click here to read all about The Best Bra for Busty Babes!

Pro Tip: Want more of a lift? Try investing in bra tape that gives your cleavage that extra oomph!

The Proper Fit IS Important

Do you need to adjust your straps a lot? This may mean your bra is too big or too small for you. If your strap digs into your shoulder, your band might be too large. For a quick fix: try loosening them. If your bra straps are slipping off of your shoulder, try something with more strap options, such as a racer-back bra or stick to a classic strapless bra.

Pro Tip: Once you figure out your perfect fit and length with your straps, you can sew a simple seem across your straps, which binds them together and they won’t need to be adjusted again.

Your bra’s elastic band provides most of the support, so you want this to be snug against your body but not too tight or uncomfortable!

Does your band feel like it’s digging into your side? It is probably too small, so size up one! You don’t want your band to cause you any pain.

Does it feel like your band is riding up on your back? You may want to move it to a tighter hook. No matter what, your band shouldn’t move around, whether you are just sitting down or when you raise your arms. The key here is to let the bra band lay even.

Are you spilling out of your cup? That cup size is too small and you need to go up a cup size. You want your voluptuous sisters to fit into the cups just right! If your bra feels comfortable and that it fits well all around, you found your perfect fitting bra, which is great!

So, here’s a recap on how to find your perfect fit when searching for bras:

If your boobs are spilling over either over-top of your cups or on the sides, then your bra is too small. If the center of your bra (usually where a cute little bow or jewel is) doesn’t lie flat, then your bra is too small. Does the underwire poke at you? This bra is way too small for you girlfriend!

If you see your bra cups wrinkling or if there is a huge gap between where your boobs meet the fabric, then your bra is too big. Also, if your straps slide off of your shoulders even if they are tightened all the way, you need to go down a size.

You want smooth cups that fit securely, a center that lies flat on your chest, and you want an even and comfortable fitting band.

This is when you know you have found a fabulous, perfect bra fit! I am all for letting my boobs have free time and going a day without wearing one, but finding the perfect fitting bra is still important to know!

Good luck Ladies and Happy Shopping 🙂