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A Night of Romance in the Bedroom to Remember Forever

So, you have found the one, the person you want to spend every minute of every day with. No matter how long you have been together, romance is always a must. A relationship without romance is no relationship at all.

Romantic dates are always a brilliant idea, but the romance shouldn’t stop just because you got home. Don’t jump straight into bed to do the deed. Make it a full Night of Romance, one your partner will remember fondly until the next time.

Setting the Scene

Buy some bouquets of flowers, set them up in glass vases around the room. Use the petals from some of her favorite flowers on the bed for a sensual touch.

Set up some candles around the room or put lightweight scarves over your lamps for some mood lighting. Just remember that you do have potential fire hazards and be aware of where you are throwing your clothes and romantic goodies. While it will always be a night to remember, it is going to be a terrible end to your Night of Romance if the fire department has to come out.

Have some champagne and strawberries or wine and chocolates, whatever romantic food and drink you prefer set up by the bed.

Don’t forget some soft, romantic mood music, choose something mellow so it will be relaxing as well as romantic.

Have your tools set up by the bed, ready to go. Lay a beautiful cloth napkin or piece of fabric (something you won’t miss if it gets dirty and has to be thrown away) on your nightstand. Set out your favorite lubes, a few condoms, if you plan on using toys, lay those out as well (clean them first so there will be no interruptions to go wash them).

Get things together for a sensual massage, either a calming, scented massage candle or a bottle of massage oil is a must. For a massage that is focused on sensuality, use silk scarves or a soft feather to tease and entice during the massage.

Dressing for Romance

Lingerie is should always be on your Night of Romance checklist. Whether you buy it for her or wear it for him, you need to be sure to “change into something comfortable” when you get home. It isn’t always comfortable but it is sexy and only for a short amount of time.

A sexy babydoll is going to be comfortable and allow range of movement if you don’t get a chance to take it off first. Babydolls only require a few seconds to put on so you can spend a few more minutes in front of the mirror making sure everything is perfect for your night of romance and passion.

A chemise is going to require a little bit more effort to get on, but it is worth your time. Chemises are form fitting to accent your body’s natural curves and lines. A gartered chemise pumps up the sexy with a pair of lacy thigh highs.

If you want to add a fun twist to your outfit, a bodystocking or a teddy are both fun options. There is only one drawback to them, the take off time is going to take a little bit longer. But, that could also be a positive, bodystockings and teddies are a lightweight material and run fairly inexpensive, let him fulfill his fantasy of ripping your clothes off.

Side Note-If you are doing massages, find something with an open back or something that is easy to get off.

Shoes! I almost forgot shoes! Wear the sexiest heel you have in the bedroom with any outfit to really get him going. I know a lot of girls that don’t wear heels normally but they do have a pair of bedroom heels that are for his eyes only. Splurge and get yourself a sexy pair to wear only for him (or guys, pick out a pair of sexy shoes for her that you love the look of) and he will always remember to plan a Night of Romance.

Pulling it Off

Alright, you have all the tools and she has the look, time for your Night of Romance. Start things off with a glass of wine or champagne. Ease into a massage, use the massage oils and the scarves and feathers to get your partner’s nerves tingling. From there, you know what to do.

Remember to focus on your partner, both of you should be having fun and feeling sexy.