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Panties: Finding The Best Cut For Your Butt

You would think buying panties would be an easy, don’t have to think about it just grab some and go kind of deal. Its Not. Haven’t you heard the phrase, “no two bums are alike?”

Butts come in all different shapes and sizes which is why it is important to know which styles of panty work best for you! That being said, with so many different choices how do you know where to start? Lets take a few minutes and talk about some of the more popular styles.

The Most Popular Panties

Thongs– Thongs are a must for wearing under skin tight or revealing outfits. They are the least likely to leave panty lines because the small strip of fabric in the back, yet still allow you to feel covered and secure. Thongs have different styles of backs, the most common being a “y” or a “t” back.

Y backs are good for girls with a round, or “bubble” butt because they frame your whole bottom instead of cutting across and making a visible panty line. T backs are good if you have a heart shaped butt and can have the fabric cut across your lower back in a straight line and still look good.

G-String- A G-String is a type of thong with a string back and string sides. Basically, less fabric means less possibility for panty line.

Bikini- Bikini style panties are the most widely worn style worldwide, and named thus because they are cut like a swimsuit bikini bottom. A bikini is a panty that sits at hip level (otherwise known as low-rise) and has narrower sides and usually doesn’t cover as much of the butt as a brief. They are sexy yet comfortable when you have the right size.

Brief -Classic aka ‘The Granny Panty’ -The Classic brief covers your stomach up to the belly button area, and has full coverage in the butt. The sides are also longer and cover the hips. Briefs are generally a favorite when its your time of the month, they conceal the bloating and are more absorbent if there is an accident.

High-Cut- High Cut briefs are another style of full coverage panty but the sides are narrower than the classic brief, and as the name would suggest cut up high on the hips.

Hipsters- Hipsters are a low rise full coverage brief and the waistband is worn around the hips (again low-rise).

Cheeky- A cheeky is a panty that looks similar to a boyshort but the back is cut at an angle so the bottom of your butt peeks out a little bit. This style is an excellent choice for the current trend of subtle yet sexy and suits all body types but is particularly flattering on a heart shaped bottom.

Boyshort– Boyshorts are my personal favorite. They are modeled after boxer briefs so they are longer in the leg but snug so they stay in place comfortably. Boyshorts are excellent for everyday comfort. A bonus of boyshorts is since they look like shorts,  if the wind decides to kick up, you are still covered and will avoid a Marilyn Monroe moment.

Panties You Need To Know About

There are some newer panty styles out there that are making waves that you also need to consider when choosing the right panty for you.

Here are a few of the more popular, newer styles on the market.

C-String- A C-String is a thong that doesn’t have straps, they are held up by an internal framework or by something similar to double sided tape. C-Strings are usually worn with dresses that have open sides or slits that go all the way up, they also work well with slinky materials like silk.

High Waist- This style is not actually new but it is a vintage style making a huge come-back. High waist panties are a panty that goes above the belly button and conceals problem areas, these panties are a favorite for women who want to cover problem areas but not restrict them.

Control Top- Again not a new thing. A control top panty has a classic brief cut with a high waist control/support panel in the front or the sides to tame your problem areas. These are good to wear when you want to wear something that is tighter and flattening in the stomach or hips.

Seamless Panties- Seamless panties are a harder to find panty, they are a microfiber blend panty that has been cut by laser so there is no seam on the waistband or legs. They are an excellent choice for people who don’t like wearing thongs when that invisible panty look is necessary.

Now that we are familiar with the terms.

Choosing the right panty for you depends on comfort and your wardrobe. Your daily use panties should be the most comfortable ones you have, but they should also make you feel sexy.

Panties come in an array of fabrics so be sure to choose fabrics that don’t irritate your skin or are easily damaged by your clothing (like denim). Always wear panties that are comfortable, if they are too tight you are going to have bulges in really unattractive places. You can also develop yeast infections. Too loose and they may sag unattractively (or fall off, it happens!).

And remember, whether you choose a thong, c-string or a seamless panty, make sure to have a pair of panties in your lingerie drawer that will work with a tight dress or pair of pants. Let us know what your favorite style is! Happy Shopping!