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Club Hopping Tonight? What To, And Not To Wear.

Everyone has had a pure meltdown when trying to decide what to wear for a night of club hopping with your friends. That moment when you have no idea what to wear to the club, and the infamous “I have no clothes!” Breath, it’s normal, in fact I’m starting to believe that it’s inevitable.

Here are a couple tips for men and women on what to wear and what not to wear to the club this weekend, and what messages you may be sending with the outfit you chose.

First and foremost.

Under no circumstances, male or female, should you wear sunglasses to the club. Unless there’s a new daytime club I haven’t heard of, just don’t do it, you’re making your beer goggles that much thicker! If you can barely see down the dark hallway to the bathroom it’s too dark for sunglasses!

We all know getting dressed up has always been way easier for the men than it is for the ladies so we will start with them and save the best for last.

Gentlemen clubbers.

Nothing ruins a classy sweater vest quicker than an un-tucked button up, so tuck it in or take the vest off. Also, there’s nothing more embarrassing then trying to end a good date with drinks and dancing and being told you can’t go in because you’re wearing sneakers…

By the way guys, wearing sneakers on a date is not ideal anyways but that is a different blog for another day. Some clubs require you to wear dress shoes, you know, the shiny black ones with the square top. I’m sure you have a pair of those in the back of the closet somewhere! Make sure you know what shoes the club prohibits, you can call ahead of time or hop on the club’s website it’s just that easy.

The last thing I’ve got for you today gentlemen, but certainly not least, PULL YOUR PANTS UP! I speak on behalf of most of the women at the club (Except for maybe the one throwing up in her purse.) when I say I don’t want to see your underwear! The saggy boxers hanging out of the top of your skinny jeans is not appealing and is in no way shape or form sexy.

Now, for us club ladies.

There’s a lot more we have to take into consideration when getting dressed to go out. One thing my mom taught me that has stuck with me all this time is; “If you’re going to show cleavage, don’t show legs, if you’re going to show some leg, cover up the cleavage.”

You always want to leave something to the imagination. If you go out with all the goodies on display, not only are you going to send the wrong message. When you’re getting your boogie on you also don’t want to worry about accidentally popping out.

News flash, stay away from that little black dress! Most clubs these days have black lights flashing and some even stay on throughout the whole night.

I know, I know, black is slimming and feels sexy, but have you ever noticed that under the black light you suddenly have lint everywhere that you didn’t notice before? Almost like you rolled around in a lint bucket before you came out? Yeah, you have the UV lights to thank for that!

Also, you’re LBD now seems to magically have these nifty patches of brown and gray everywhere. No, someone didn’t spill their drink on you, black glows a few different shades of brown under UV lighting due to washing and often times the kind of detergent used.

Instead of trying to stay away from the black light all night, just pick a bright summery color and save your LBD for better lighting.

Last thing for today’s lesson.

Chose your shoes wisely. Pick out a pair of shoes that you can last in all night comfortably. If you’re going to be sitting all night you can go for those 6 inch stilettos, if not, stick to a well broken in, lower heal.

If you’re still set on wearing those skyscrapers, which we totally understand, choose a shoe with a platform. You”ll get the extra height without that arch breaking incline. Ladies don’t want to see a guys saggy underwear, but no guy wants to see you Flintstone-ing it through the club parking lot with your heels in your hand either.

Confidence is the best accessory to any outfit, be you and enjoy life. Remember these helpful hints the next time you’re having a clothing meltdown.