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Sexy Summer Fun

Summer time and the living’s easyyy.

So much can be said about this amazing time of year! There’s nothing like the thoughts of BBQs and pool side relaxation to get you through the work week. After a series of long 8 hour days, BAM! It’s the weekend!

Netflix Coma Anyone?

Bring on the burgers and oh me oh my don’t forget the hot links! (I could go on here…) So once you’ve lathered on the sun block, swam like a fish, baked on the tan lines to prove it (it’s official. they’re SEXY), and stuffed your face with awesome barbecue, it’s time to go home with your sweetie and zone out on your favorite Netflix show until 2am.

If you are reading this and that got you so excited and if it sounds like the perfect evening I can’t say it enough… no, no, no, no, no. That’s just wrong, so wrong.

Time To Call It A Day?

There’s more to summer than swim suits and BBQs! Surprised? Keep reading. Summer is HOT! I don’t mean sun shining down, melting skin, need tinted sunglasses kind of HOT! I’m talking the sexy tan lines, showing some skin, and sweaty passion summer brings kind of HOT! (Keep in mind slight sweating is sexy let’s not go overboard here)

Keep It Hot & Sexy Inside Too

Sure the temperature is in the triple digits well over 100 degrees and there’s never been a better time for sexy summer fun! how do you stay cool? wear less of course! The last thing you want to do is throw on pajama pants and a t shirt…it’s to hot for that!

Take advantage of this sexy summer, throw in some amazing lingerie and have some fun…SEXY SUMMER FUN! (to be specific)

 Keep The Sexy Summer Fun Going

I refuse to believe you’ll be changing into those pj’s when you get home. I have faith in you, you’ll make the right call here. A hot summer night demands something equally as HOT. When you get home pull out the sexy lingerie (trust me).

Don’t let me scare you, I’m not talking tight, uncomfortable corsets that require two people to tie. I’m thinking lighter, looser, flowy, comfy.


First things first… it’s summer right? Let’s skip the black or the dark lingerie after all the title here is Sexy Summer Fun (am I right?). Bring out the bright colors!

What screams summer more than yellow? Yellow doesn’t look good on your skin tone? Let’s go with white, (no arguing on that one) white looks good on everybody. Think white is only for future brides? WRONG! You worked hard on that tan (not really) SHOW.IT.OFF!

Babydoll… Yes Please!

Now that we have the color down, it’s time for the next question… Which Netflix show to watch next? (you’ve learned nothing, grasshopper) Babydoll or chemise? WHO CARES!? bring on the sexy, though I personally believe babydolls are PERFECT for summer. You feel so free in a babydoll, it’s flowy and fresh.

When it’s super hot outside I’d rather not have something stuck to me (that’s just me). I love what a babydoll brings to the party. I get the support I need (for the twins), the comfort that can be hard to find (especially around the waist and stomach), all without sacrificing the sexiness for ultimate sexy summer fun!

Sexy Summer Fun Wins!

Did it work? Did I save you from a Netflix coma? If you’re still reading this I’m going to take that as a yes. (Win!) Just remember the next time you get home from a BBQ and you swam, tanned and then you go for the remote instead of the lingerie (oy vey), your wasting one of the sexiest times of the year! You’re just throwing it right on down the drain.

Not only are you letting me down (bummer), but your sweetie too (super bummer). Don’t be so quick to wind down… remember to spice it up and continue the Sexy Summer Fun!