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The Bachelorette: 9 Gift And Game Ideas

One of my amazing friends recently got engaged and I am so happy for her! Her man proposed to her in Disney Land of all magical places, what a guy.

Of course now is the time where she cannot be seen or heard from without discussing wedding décor, colors, bride’s maid dresses, and the bachelorette party. I now look at my Pinterest feed and you would think that I was getting married myself, she may have a problem…

All this wedding stuff has me of course on the hunt for the best bachelorette party and bridal shower games and gifts. I do after all work in a lingerie store so if what I bring to the table isn’t pretty impressive it would be a bit embarrassing.

I spent some time wandering the store and here is my list of bridal gems that I will be buying and sharing with the rest of the wedding crew.

Bachelorette Party Fun and Games:

How Well Do You Know the Bride/Bachelorette? This game can conveniently be used for the bachelorette party and or bridal shower. Basically the name says it all, it’s all about how well the players know the bride.

The bride reads the questions out loud from category cards while all the guests write their answers on their scorecards. The bride then goes back to each question and reveals the answers, the player with the most points at the end wins!!

My Opinion: I would choose this game for the bridal shower since the instructions are super simple and the game is fairly PG. There certainly are questions about the bride’s sex life but seeing as the bride is the one reading the questions she can always choose to skip the ones that she does not approve of.

I love games like this they can be hilarious and also a great way to reminisce on the lucky couple’s past as they prepare for their future.

Ladies Night the Game: Ladies Night is much like How Well Do You Know the Bride/Bachelorette except more interactive and geared more towards your friends than your family.

In this version each person in turn spins the spinner and chooses a matching category card. That player then reads the question aloud then on the game pad secretly writes her answer. The other players then attempt to guess how she answered that question.

After everyone has taken a guess the first player reveals her answer and awards the game card to the person who answered correctly or at least gave the best answer. Then you pass the spinner and game pad to the next person.

The first player to win three of each category card wins!!

My Opinion: Can I just start with how pretty the box is? I would buy it for that alone but I digress…

This game sounds like the happy laughter filled baby of the How Well Do You Know game previously mentioned, and Apples to Apples which might possibly be the greatest game ever. I also think that since the answers are blurted out this is much more appropriate for the bachelorette party where everyone has most likely been drinking!

BONUS: This games is translated in both English and Spanish!

Bachelorette Bash Mad Libs: If you’ve never played Mad Libs before I am shocked! All the more reason to add this fun, and might I add really cheap, party game to the mix.

Mad Libs are a hilarious fill in the blank game where the first player prompts the other players for words with cues as to part of speech. Once all the blanks are filled the first player then reads the short, hysterical, nonsensical anecdote to the room.

My Opinion: Prepare to crack up! Throwing out the weirdest words you can think of to go in a bachelorette themed blurb will have the whole room in stitches.

I would bring this game to a sleep-over style bachelorette party. Let your inner teenager out, you know the one that giggles any time someone says the word penis.

Gifts & Gags for the Bachelorette:

Candy Accessories: We have an assortment of candy accessories such as candy garters, tassels, bras, thongs, and handcuffs! The same thing as those good ole’ candy necklaces and bracelets we used to love with an adult twist.

My Opinion: These are great for a laugh and fun for either making the bride wear at the bachelorette party or giving as a funny gift. A little something sweet, silly, and even a bit sexy.

A Year of Creative Games for Lovers: The idea is to have a new game every week for a whole year! This game set includes all kinds of fun stuff like naughty poker cards, sex dice, 26 sex tip cards for her and 26 for him, and a satin mask.

My Opinion: Again with the fantastic packaging! I love this concept, and I love that it is marketed for “lovers” and doesn’t say straight out “A Year of So Much Sex!” This makes it a cute and spicy gift to give without freaking out the brides in mother when she pulls that out of the bag.

I mean they do say the first year is the best ;).

Romantic Massage Oil Candles: Let me start by saying these candles are usually made with soy or hemp so they heat to a body safe temperature only 2 degrees hotter than natural body temperature. These candles smell amazing and contain pheromones for a seductive boost.

Light the candle for ambiance and when enough has melted gently pour onto your partner and rub for a hot, sultry, and fragrant massage. Many of these candles are also edible so don’t stop at the massage if you don’t want to.

My Opinion: I personally own several of these candles. They smell delicious and it really is a fun and frisky way to pamper your companion.

The oil is hot but did not burn, just rub as you poor and it cools quickly. I have given these candles as bachelorette gifts because even if they choose not to use them for massage they still smell so good who cares.

The Amazing Hot Heart Massager: If the candle idea seems a little extreme, this is another fantastic option.

The Hot Heart Massager is simple and re-usable, simply bend the metal disk inside and feel it heat up immediately! The heart heats to 129 degrees and feels like a hot stone massage.

When you are finished you simply boil the heart for 7 to 10 minutes or until all the crystals are gone and it’s ready to use again.

My Opinion: Another one that I personally have tried and love, love, love! I highly recommend pairing this item with a lotion or oil because otherwise it doesn’t glide quite as nicely, I use Kama Sutra brand oil it smells incredible.

One of my colleagues who has also tried this one says she has also put hers in the freezer for a cooling massage!

Polaroid Love Notes: 20 cards that look like beautiful Polaroid pictures and pink envelopes.

My Opinion: What a good idea! The pictures are beautiful and the Polaroid style is so classic. Leave your loved one a letter on their pillow or maybe slip one in their lunch. A great way to let your sweetheart know how much you love them even when you aren’t there.

This is a classy and thoughtful bachelorette gift and all newlyweds are sickeningly adorable so why not put it in writing?


The best part about all of these ideas is that not a one of them costs more than $25.00… You’re welcome. Feel free to mix and match these gifts also to create a killer gift basket!

If you’re a friend like me that has no shame you can also throw in some condoms, pillow pack lubes, handcuffs, a blindfold, and every bachelorette needs a feather boa! Congratulations to all you bachelorettes out there and may the celebrations leading up to your big day be ones to remember!