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Keeping the Spark Alive with Kids in the House 

I have 5 kids, some days I feel like I never have a minute to myself, let alone enough minutes for some sexy time with my husband. But with practice, trial and error and some embarrassing tries I have found that I can discreetly keep the spark and sexiness in our relationship going strong.

First and foremost, locks. I cannot stress how important door locks and cell phone passwords and locks are for it to work. I have had 2 kids walk in on us and 1 open up pictures in my cell phone before I learned my lesson (fortunately they were young enough that it didn’t scar them for life and they don’t remember it).

Keeping that Spark Alive; All Week Long!

On weekends when everyone is home, I have my husband take the kids to the park for a few hours so I can take some sexy selfies of me in lingerie to send him throughout the week when he is at work. The picture of the day is the lingerie that I wear under my clothes when he is home so he knows what is in store for him once everyone is in bed. While he is getting the kids in bed I like to light some candles and decorate the room with flower petals or silk scarves.

I always make sure to put the TV in my room on Law and Order or some other incredibly boring sounding grown up show and turn the volume way up so should the kids happen to be in the hallway it sounds like another boring night in mom and dad’s room. Once everybody is tucked in bed asleep, the Mom clothes come off and there is a sexy vixen underneath. Just lock the bedroom door before the vixen comes out to play.

Other Ideas We Love

When its really busy at home, we cant get any alone time and the baby wants to sleep in our room because of the storm or the monsters, I like to plan “business trips” and we rent a suite at the hotel down the road while grandma stays home with the kids. I only pack champagne, massage candles, adult toys, and lingerie and we spend the weekend ordering room service and fanning the flames.

When you want to get out of the house, have a sexy throw back date, go to dinner and a movie then drive to a make out point and make out in the backseat like when you were a teenager. Or have a sexy adult date, get dressed up and go to a dimly lit restaurant, have some wine and oysters. Have a sexy whispered conversation in the corner of the booth.

It is often difficult to find the time needed to keep a relationship hot and amazing when you have children, but it can be done. Even if you can’t get any alone time, shoot him a daily sexy text or a racy photo. When you buy something new for the bedroom, leave the receipt in a place where only he will find it.

Keep the sizzle going even when you can’t be together so the heat builds up and when you finally do have some time alone, the heat is explosive!