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Lingerie & Pregnancy: Don’t Make This Mistake! 

Your life has officially changed forever, you’re pregnant! Soon dinner reservations will no longer be for two, they’ll be for two and a half. Deciding when to  catch a little snooze, that wont be your decision anymore. Soon you’ll be asking yourself…”an organized home…what’s that”?

So yes, your life is changing, that’s not the only change…there’s also body change! You’re getting bigger, bigger belly, legs and don’t forget your breasts, those will be touching your chin at some point during this pregnancy. This can make a woman lose her confidence pretty quickly.

This is the most important time to make sure you feel beautiful and sexy! If your loved one isn’t helping in this department it’s time to take matters into your own hands! Do it for YOU!

Lingerie & Pregnancy

If you’re anything like me during my first pregnancy when it came to “lingerie” my go to move was pajama pants and an oversized t shirt to cover up! Throw on a fleece robe and call it a day! (yikes!) I was so big what did it matter what I looked like? WRONG!

Could someone have brought me up to speed and explained that a babydoll is the perfect piece for an expectant mother?

First off babydolls are sexy, but not only that, comfy too, nice and flowy over that baby bump (score!) Not all lingerie is tight, if you’re dressing for your body type it’s actually quite comfortable! if you give it a try you, too, can find that sexy & comfy exists!

So skip the t shirt, forget the pajama pants and please, please let’s put away the robe! Better yet let’s go ahead and upgrade to a silky robe, or a lace robe (deal!)

Bare That Belly

I’m expecting once again and what I learned from my first pregnancy… Bare. That. Belly. My point here is.. it’s lingerie we’re talking about…and in the end what’s the best thing you can wear with your lingerie? If you said confidence you’re spot on! (don’t forget the hosiery though 😉

Between the miserable mornings when nothing fits anymore or realizing you need leak proof underwear (yeah, that’s real & amazing) it is your job to wipe that off  your (very soar) shoulders and remind yourself (and your sweetheart) how incredibly sexy you are.

Hiding that belly is a mistake, let your confidence shine through, show it off and OWN IT. What’s sexier than that?! I mean isn’t that what this is all about? Confidence within yourself, feeling sexy!

Of course when shopping for lingerie you always want to wear the best piece for your body type, but don’t forget it’s less about WHAT you’re wearing and more about HOW you’re wearing it. Pregnancy is such a beautiful experience, but don’t forget it’s SEXY too!!