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10 Reasons to Wear Sexy Lingerie

Wearing sexy lingerie seems like a simple concept, however, I think there needs to be a change of perspective on lingerie and when it’s appropriate. Many of the customers I shop with have a skewed concept of what is and is not lingerie in the first place. It happens.

So my goal is break it down so it’s not a labor of love to figure out at all. Basically, you can consider pretty much any item that is “normally” meant to be worn either under your clothes or in your bedroom.

This would include pantyhose and thigh highs, bras and panties, babydolls and chemises, corsets and bustiers, teddies and rompers, etc. Such a long list carries with it boundless opportunities for endless fun and functionality. Just check out our Womens section to check out some of our beautiful pieces. 🙂

Truthfully, there is never ever a bad time for to wear sexy lingerie but if you’re needing a little inspiration here are some suggestions from me to you. 🙂

Here’s 10 Reasons to Wear Sexy Lingerie

1. Express Yourself Sexually: You chose your lingerie, it is an extension of you, so who are you today? Perhaps today you are a playful sex kitten and you feel like a triple strap thong with a bow on the front expresses that. Perhaps you are a creature of comfort and you would rather wear a cotton brief but what color are you today, romantic red, passionate purple, pretty in pink?

2. Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed? Turn that frown upside down! Take back your morning by saying “No, I will not feel crappy today, not in these panties!” Turn to your lingerie drawer for support and pull out the good stuff. Do you have a favorite pair of panties or do you just need the comfort of cotton or silk to get you through the day?

3. Accentuate Your Assets: After all this is what lingerie was made for in the first place. Flaunt those curves gorgeous! Wear a waist cincher for a killer silhouette. Looking for shapewear? Don’t just wear boring old shapewear that makes you feel like a granny, wear a stunning vintage style girdle under that skin tight dress. The difference in the quality the look and the way you’ll feel will be worth it.

4. Feel Sexy No Matter What You’re Wearing On The Outside: I remember wearing a uniform every day, it gets boring doesn’t it? Keep your feminine flare by choosing a matching bra and panty set in floral lace. Jazz it up if you’re wearing a skirt and wear a garter belt with thigh highs, no one has to know.

5. Confidence Booster: While we’re talking about wearing that garter belt and thigh highs remember that lingerie can be a huge confidence booster. If you’ve got your good duds on from the inside out your bound to feel (and look) your best! People with a secret always feel as if they have the power, and what a secret you have.

6. Now-A-Days Underwear Can Be Worn As Outerwear: Speaking of feeling hot from the inside out, these days there is no rule that prohibits wearing your lingerie loud and proud. One of the ladies I work with is a master fashionista and she utilizes her lingerie in her everyday wardrobe quite often. I have seen her rock a high cut teddy with a pencil skirt, not only does it make panty line non-existent but it looks stunning. Wear a bustier with a blazer for business sexy or a full lace chemise over a basic dress, the options are endless.

7. Going On A Date? Every woman has that moment when the date is getting hot and they ask themselves, “What underwear am I wearing?!” Save yourself the stress of this panic attack. If you’re always wearing under garments that you feel confident and beautiful in you’ll never have to ask this question again!

8. Foreplay: Past the early dating stage and onto the date NIGHT phase of the game? Keeping it fresh is the best thing for your relationship. I personally am a huge fan of the tease, I don’t think you should ever forget about the fun of flirting. This time when you go out with hubby wear something provocative under your outfit and make sure he knows about it. He’ll be begging you to take him home by the end of dinner, trust me.

9. Hanging Out At Home: Not going anywhere? I live in Phoenix Arizona… It’s hot. I have been known to walk around my house in my bra and underwear before. When I’m wearing a cute set I don’t feel like I need to scramble for my clothes when my man comes home unexpectedly early. Plus, I don’t know if you hate cleaning as much as I do but I do love to play French Maid. Clean the house in your lingerie while you wait for him to come home and when he gets there, “Oh, I wasn’t expecting you!” Works every time.

10. Because You Can And You Deserve It: We submit ourselves to tedious and painful beauty regimes, tweezing, waxing, dying, and polishing regularly in efforts to look and feel our best. Why wouldn’t you want to finish up your package by wrapping it up in a beautiful bow? In my opinion it’s the easiest part and the most fun. You’ve earned it.