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What is a Lingerie Champion?

When you are going shopping for lingerie and want to bring a friend, you really need to make sure to bring a personal “Lingerie Champion”. A Lingerie Champion is a supportive friend or family member who is happy to go shopping with you. You need the realest friend you have, one that is completely honest but in a nice, cruelty free way.

Lingerie Champions that Work

I have seen a lot of ladies’ attitudes towards lingerie shopping take a nose dive because they brought that one friend or family member that never has anything nice to say. You also don’t want to bring the overly upbeat yes-friend who never actually gives an opinion. When you have the perfect shopping buddy, trying on lingerie becomes a lot more fun, instead of feeling like a chore.

While you are shopping, have your Lingerie Champion help find you some outfits to try on. Generally you see your Lingerie Champion fairly often so they know what looks good on you and what doesn’t, they are more likely to pick what is going to look the best on you. Be sure to be open and receptive to your Champion’s ideas and opinions, remember, they were invited along to help you.

It can be hard to find something perfect right away, but shutting down if you are having a hard time finding that perfect something is not fair to them. Stay positive and keep trying things on with an open mind, eventually everybody finds something amazing.

The Other Side of the Coin

If you are the Lingerie Champion or just a friend along for the ride, do not be a “Negative Nancy.” Being the Champion isn’t a chore or a favor, it is a fun trip with a good friend. Your friend is counting on you to help her, there is no need to be rude or cruel. Be honest with your shopping diva but choose your words carefully. Words like ugly or fat are words that hurt no matter how they were meant. Also, try to control your facial expressions. Your eyes and face can say a thousand mean things with just one look. If she doesn’t look good in something, tell her, but, help her find something that she does look good in. Look for something new or different that she never thought to look at.

Sometimes you have to go outside her original vision to find the right piece. You might be running back and forth from the sales floor to the dressing room a hundred times to please her but that’s what you are there for. Be her Champion, be her biggest supporter but always be honest. If in the end she picks something you didn’t love, that is okay. As long as she is happy and loves it, you did your job and you did it well.

Since you are there anyways, try some stuff on. Make your shopping diva be your Lingerie Champion too.