feeling sexy and confident in lingerie by lingerie superstores

Feeling Sexy and Comfortable in Lingerie

Ladies, I am plus sized, I work in a lingerie store. Before I started working here and actually wearing lingerie, I hated the way I looked in everything, I know how it is to be uncomfortable with your body and the fear that comes with wearing lingerie. No matter what you wear or your size, always remember You Are Beautiful. That being said, I am here to help you get there.

Tips to Feeling Sexy and Comfortable in Lingerie

1. Always wear things you are comfortable in, wearing lingerie should make you feel sexy and confident, the sexier you feel, the sexier you will be.

2. Wear it for YOU. We wear lingerie for our men but ultimately YOU are the one who decides how you look and feel the best.

3. Just love your beautiful self! We are our own worst enemies, we are our strongest critic, and we have days when we feel fat and ugly and that’s okay.

When I started working here 5 years ago I never wore lingerie, I never even looked at it. I hated the way I looked in everything but as I started trying on and wearing beautiful lingerie I found my confidence. I looked amazing in babydolls, the fitted tops and flowy bottom was perfect for my body type. I bought all the babydolls I could find in my size.

Then as time went on I got more adventurous and more confident in my own sexiness, I went for the sheer see through pieces and the longer, form fitting chemises with garters and sexy thigh highs. My confidence came from the reactions I would get from my friends and boyfriend. When I tried on lingerie, I was always asking for my friend’s opinions, I wanted to know what they thought before I wore it for my boyfriend and they were always honest with me but they were supportive as well.

When I would wear the pieces at home and my boyfriend would tell me how amazing I looked and he would brag to his friends about how beautiful I was, it was definitely a confidence booster.  As I started feeling okay with how I looked, I started buying lingerie that could double as tops for a night on the town. When I would wear a beautiful corset or a cute cami to the clubs, I would hear all kinds of compliments from how beautiful I looked to how impressed people were with my wearing something sexy and different in public.

Of course, there were negative comments too but you know, they can have their opinions, as long as I was happy, that’s what matters. After a lot of work on myself I am now completely in love with my body and am willing to try on anything that comes my way no matter what someone else says about it.

There is always something for everyone, you just need to find it. If it means trying on the entire store, then try on the entire store. When you are shopping for lingerie you need to do so with an open mind, the cut and color you absolutely must have might not be what you thought it was when you try it on. Try every cut, color and style until you find what makes you feel sexy.

Remember; short, tall, average, skinny, fat, thick, are all labels, its how you feel that matters the most.

Be sexy, be confident, be happy, be you.